Restoring the Moutere

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This project aims to achieve a catchment-scale restoration of native riparian ecosystems and wetlands, and improved water quality for the Moutere River and its tributaries (14,680 ha; 524km of waterways), and Inlet (760 ha).

The project joins two groups: the Moutere Catchment Group (MGC) and the Moutere Inlet and Tasman Environmental Restoration Group (MITER). The waterways in both catchments (Tasman and Moutere Valleys) feed into the Moutere Inlet. By working together, the groups can improve the environment and employment opportunities in the area.

With an initial contribution from Trees That Count, and significant ongoing contributions from NZ Landcare Trust and Tasman District Council, as well as many enthusiastic landowners, this is a massive collaborative effort and a “once in a lifetime” opportunity for the local community.

Two hundred and seventy thousand new trees will be planted in the Moutere catchment area over the next three years, thanks to a $1.9 million grant from the One Billion Trees initiative.

To support this, 35 km of fencing will be installed, protecting current and future plantings along waterways thanks to a $950,000 grant from the Provincial Development Unit.

Plantings will be a mixture of natives and exotics, and will also include shrubs, grasses, and sedges.

Our key goals include:

• An estuary and surrounds with an improving environmental state, leading to better habitat, increased biodiversity, more recreational opportunities and which is valued by residents and visitors alike.
• Restoring the Moutere Estuary and its connected river and streams to ecological health.
• Creating a social connection of its people now and in future that will sustain the mana and mauri of the waterways.

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