Help protect and restore our unique environment

Grow connections. Build community. Make a difference. 

Conservation is a community effort. We all—individuals, families, groups, businesses, agencies, iwi—have a stake in the outcome. Nelson Tasman is our home, our backyard. So when it comes to protecting this special place, every contribution is valuable and everyone is warmly welcomed.  

Environmental projects need all sorts of skills and inputs. It’s not just about money, checking traplines or even planting trees. Projects also need leadership and admin skills and equipment. They need photographers, builders and record-keepers. They need you. 

Here are some of the ways you can help support conservation in Nelson Tasman. This list isn’t exhaustive. If you have your own ideas, get in touch. We’d love to hear them! 

Get Involved


With so many going on in our region, there’s plenty of choice and lots of room for more willing helpers. If planting or pest control isn’t your thing you could volunteer in a community nursery, design eye-catching posters, bake something for a planting day or administer a community group Facebook page. Volunteering can be very rewarding and a lot of fun. 

You’ll probably learn a few new skills. Most of all, you’ll make real connections with like-minded people and, as a community conservationist, help change the world for the better in a tangible way. 


We won’t sugar-coat it—funding is vital to what we do. Without money, Tasman Environmental Trust wouldn’t exist. And the community conservation groups we work with wouldn’t have the benefit of the services we provide. So we encourage you to support our mahi by clicking on the Donate Now button below and giving what you are able to afford. 

If you’d rather donate to a specific project, there’s an option to do that too. All donations are gratefully received. We can provide you with a receipt for tax purposes, and assure you we’ll make responsible use of your contribution. 

Other ways to contribute

Supporting community conservation doesn’t have to involve an ongoing time or financial commitment. You may prefer to help for a fixed, finite period or make a one-time donation.

Examples of other ways to contribute include: 

  • Donating your expertise. If you’re a scientist in a related field, a whizz at writing funding submissions, or have other specialist skills, you’ll be welcomed with open arms. 
  • Remembering us in your Will. This is a beautiful way of ensuring your passion for the environment creates a lasting legacy. We can help organise this with you. 


Business collaborations

Kiwi consumers increasingly want to know how businesses embedding sustainability into their practices. According to the Sustainable Business Council’s 2019 report In Good Company, 19% of New Zealanders will deliberately choose a brand that either operates in a sustainable manner or helps them live a lower-impact life. 

Supporting local conservation projects is a powerful way for businesses to demonstrate a grass-roots commitment to their communities. Examples include donating kit in kind; sponsoring a project or event; or organising team planting days. Get in touch to explore how your business could contribute.  

Looking for practical conservation resources? 

We’ve collected loads of useful info on everything from trapping to fundraising for your group. Whatever you need to know about—planting, weeding, setting up an initiative at your school, or the latest environmental publications and reports—you’ll find it on our Useful Resources page. It’s updated regularly, so bookmark the page and come back often!