Project support in action: Farmers for Whio

A pair of whio (blue duck) in a fast-flowing back-country river

Unless you’re into tramping or back-country angling, it’s likely you’ll have only encountered the whio/blue duck on the back of a $10 note. With less than 3,000 of these Nationally Vulnerable birds remaining, there’s a good chance that’s how it would’ve continued. But a group of landowners in the Motueka Valley catchment has come together […]

Communications support in action: five different ways

Laptop showing TET's Facebook page

Sharing stories and resources is the lifeblood of all community conservation projects. We love to celebrate successes, meet volunteer superstars and learn from each other. Without effective communications, it becomes a lot harder to build awareness and attract supporters, both financial and boots-on-the-ground. Every one of our affiliated projects is special and deserves its place […]

Evaluation support in action: Battle for the Banded Rail

Nothing’s better at firing up volunteers and funders than seeing meaningful results. When you have tangible proof that the time, energy and money invested in a project are bearing fruit, there’s a powerful incentive to keep going. That’s why monitoring and evaluating your project’s performance to ensure it’s reaching its goals are vital. TET is […]