Communications support in action: five different ways

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Sharing stories and resources is the lifeblood of all community conservation projects. We love to celebrate successes, meet volunteer superstars and learn from each other.

Without effective communications, it becomes a lot harder to build awareness and attract supporters, both financial and boots-on-the-ground.

Every one of our affiliated projects is special and deserves its place in the spotlight.

How TET can help raise your project’s profile

Joining TET’s Community Conservation Hub gives you access to lots of communication support:

1. Project page on our website

Many projects don’t have the funds or resources for their own website so we’ve made a home for them on our site with dedicated project pages . There’s plenty of room for project information, images, contact details and links to social media accounts. Our website is fully optimised for search engines so by listing your project with us, you can take advantage of our ranking on Google, Bing and other search platforms.

2. Featured profile on our website and newsletter

We occasionally profile superstar projects and volunteers on our blog. The profiles are promoted through our social media channels and may also be included on TET’s email newsletter.

3. Training

We work with outside comms professionals to support project coordinators with training and guidance. In 2020, we hosted workshops on making the most out of social social media and an introduction to media relations.

4. Resources for workshops and classroom visits

We’ll promote your event and share resources to make it a stunning success!

5. Specialist communications support

Needing help with a media release? Not sure what to put in a funding submission? Wanting to recruit volunteers or start a fundraising campaign but not sure where to begin? Chances are, we can help. Just get in touch .

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