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Wasps are New Zealand’s ultimate villain for humans and nature alike. The species we’re focusing on (German and common) were introduced. They wreak havoc on our environment, killing native birds, young bats, insects, lizards and honey bees. Wasps also feed off honeydew, a valuable food source for native fauna and honey bees. They cost the NZ economy more than $130 million a year.

They also attack, injure, and have been known to kill humans. The biomass (total weight of wasps) in Nelson and Tasman exceeds all other pests in New Zealand, including possums, stoats and rats. There are a million hectares of beech forest in the South Island and over five, and up to 40, wasp nests per hectare.

The Wasp Wipeout project targets German and common wasp populations in late summer using the Vespex wasp baiting system that reduces wasp numbers by more than 90%. TET is proud to be the national funds holder for this project, partnering with DOC, Stuff, Conservation Volunteers New Zealand and local councils to reduce the impact of wasps on our native biodiversity and enjoyment of the New Zealand outdoors.

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OneFortyOne forestry company joins top of the south wasp wipeout fight: 30 March 2022, Stuff

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