Pest Free Onetahua

Onetahua Farewell Spit sand dunes and ocean

Image by Ann Wheatley.

Pest Free Onetahua has a bold ambition to bring an abundance of birds and other native wildlife back to north-west Golden Bay. It’s a long-term vision to give future generations the chance to enjoy a wealth of native wildlife on Farewell Spit and the surrounding areas.

Pest Free Onetahua is a ground-up programme sparked by the local community for the benefit of our unique local environment and its people. Local support is critical to our success. We are working with the community to help us design and roll out the programme.

Pest Free Onetahua is a partnership between Tasman Environmental Trust, Manawhenua Ki Mohua, the Department of Conservation and Predator Free 2050, working with local landowners, businesses and the residents of Golden Bay.

The predator eradication programme, with initial funding from Predator Free 2050 Ltd,  covers an area stretching from Farewell Spit south to the Whanganui Inlet, taking in the Kaihoka Scenic Reserve and Pakawau Forest and with the support of landowners, some private land bordering these areas.

Pest Free Onetahua is of local, national and international significance. Home to thousands of birds, Farewell Spit is a wetland of international significance. A critical stopover for migrating wader birds, it gained international status as a Ramsar site in 1976. Predators threaten many of these and other native species.

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Brian Alder | Project Lead

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