Motueka Catchment Collective

Few valleys in Aotearoa summon the same awe as the Motueka. The folded ridgelines, mystical light and breath-taking scenery receive deserved accolades. Residents of the Motueka Valley and it’s many tributaries are rightly proud of their awa.

The Motueka Catchment Collective was initiated in 2020 by concerned landowners in the Tapawera area with a strong collective desire to weave the communities in the Motueka catchment together, ensuring the wellbeing of the freshwater system and connected environment.

By organising meetings, educating each other and engaging the younger generation, local land-users are acting to protect and enhance the catchments as vital resources for the future. An inclusive community spirit binds residents, who identify with the watercourses as common threads. They swim, walk, fish, paddle, picnic and socialise with the flowing water. They encourage interest in the freshwater ecosystems, weave Mātauranga Māori knowledge and science together to generate a wave of enthusiasm to promote guardianship.

The Motueka Catchment Collective aspires to capture more local interest to inform decisions on priority actions, formulate plans and source funding.

Aims and Objectives of the Collective

Notes from Action Plan Meetings in December and May

The Motueka Catchment Collective has recently received funding for a 3 year period to focus on improving freshwater and building capability in the Motueka Catchment. The Collective is now recruiting a Catchment Coordinator to oversee the delivery of a community driven programme to protect and enhance the health of the river and the connected environment. Copies of the position description can be viewed here.

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