Mapua Dawn Chorus

Boys checking preditor traps for the Mapua Dawn Chorus Conservation Project

Mapua Dawn Chorus is an urban trapping project, which was established in 2017 as part of the goal to be a Predator Free NZ in 2050.

The aim is to have a rat trap in every fourth backyard in the Mapua township and surrounding areas including Ruby Bay and the Mapua hills.

The local community is being encouraged to get involved by trapping, sharing knowledge, collecting data, and encouraging their neighbours, friends and the local school to take part.

Mapua is a unique township by the fact that it is on a peninsula and surrounded by the Waimeha/Waimea Inlet which is home to many species of wading birds, migratory birds and a number of other estuarine birds. Many of these birds are at risk, declining or endangered.

The project aims to control the numbers of predators in backyards, to increase biodiversity and birdlife in the environment, and to educate the community about the importance and significance of this special area.

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Tracey Murray
Mapua Dawn Chorus coordinator

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