Kokorua Sandspit Restoration

Kokorua Sandspit is located at the mouth of the Whangamoa River on the exposed coastline of Eastern Tasman Bay between Delaware Bay and Cape Soucis.

The site is approximately 6 hectares and comprises a bar between the open sea of Tasman Bay to the north and the Whangamoa River estuary to the south. It is a Department of Conservation scientific reserve but there is no public access by road. The restoration work is carried out by a group of volunteers.

The objective of the restoration is to reduce the impact of marram on the dune dynamics and to increase populations of native dune species which are under threat from loss of habitat (see this link for a copy of the restoration plan https://ref.coastalrestorationtrust.org.nz/documents/kokorua-sandspit-restoration-plan/).

Restoration work comprises removal of marram and other weeds and planting of spinifex/turikākoa (Spinifex sericeous), pingao (Ficinia spiralis), sand coprosma/tarakupenga (Coprosma acerosa) and thick-leaved māhoe (Melicytus crassifolius).

Marram control is carried out by contractors. Volunteers carry out planting and maintenance. Work trips to the sandspit are organised about four times a year and anyone is welcome to join these work days.

VGWQ+QV Whangamoa, Nelson, New Zealand

Helen Lindsay [email protected]

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