Kina Bird Song

Kina Penninsula Mapua, Nelson

It’s all about the birds!

Kina Bird Song is about enhancing what we have and expanding on the opportunities around the Moutere Inlet. Our area of interest is Motueka to Tasman and Kina to Jackett Island—all the land and area immediately around the Inlet.

The potential for abundant native bird life and beautiful birdsong is proven in small pockets in the Moutere Inlet now. Examples of effective predator control and habitat restoration occur in Tasman, Kina, Mariri, Motueka and Jackett Island already. As the Moutere Restoration project takes hold, and provides the habitat, it is important for the predator control to be effective and allow our native bird population to flourish and grow.

We can help with the creation of a coastal bird corridor from the Abel Tasman to Nelson, as we are a natural link in the chain of projects covering the coast of Tasman Bay.

Kina Bird Song will work with, encourage and facilitate local groups, no matter how small, to provide the skills and resources necessary to protect and enhance our natural bird life and habitat. By working under the umbrella of the Tasman Environmental Trust we have charitable status and are able to successfully help you and help communities to grow and protect the natural bird population and song.

Trapping works and predator control are essential to protect our indigenous species. We are trapping on private and public lands and need to expand our trapping effectiveness with your help.

All of the native bird species and others are predated by rats, possums, stoats, weasels, wild cats and even mice. For helping control these pests and creating local groups for effective habitat and pest management, please contact Kina Bird Song.

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Project Coordinator
David Easton
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