TET’s 2020 AGM: Marking a 20-year milestone in community conservation

Tasman Environmental Trust's Board of Trustees with Sky Davies, Trust manager, at the organisatiion's 20th anniversary gathering

How do you celebrate 20 years of helping to make the world a better place? You invite people to share important reminiscences, sing Happy Birthday and then tuck into some truly sensational cake.

​Judging by the enthusiastic reception given to all three by trustees, staff and supporters alike, it was a great way to mark Tasman Environmental Trust’s two decades of community conservation.

The event took place in the Richmond Community Library’s Constance Barnicoat Room, on Thursday 19 November, hot on the heels of our AGM. Returning Chair and cake-cutter extraordinaire, Gillian Bishop, presided over all proceedings. You can read her annual report here.

TET chair Gillian Bishop cuts the cake at TET's 20th anniversary celebration

The AGM itself was brief and to the point, with a key takeaway being the notification of a Trust deed variation expanding TET’s geographic coverage to include the Nelson City Council area.

Our Board will miss Martin Heine, who has been a valuable member since 2012. We welcome the remaining trustees back for another year at the helm, plus Tom Stein representing the QEII Trust. The current list of trustees is:
Gillian Bishop (Chair)
Gavin O’Donnell (Deputy Chair)
Christeen Mackenzie
Murray Poulter
Naomi Aporo
Marian Milne
Mirka Langford
Tom Stein

We also thank the guest panel who brought TET’s early days back to life with such warmth, clarity and pride: Robin Mason, Martin Heine and Lindsay Vaughan, and a letter from Dennis Bush-King.

We’re up for the challenges of the next 20 years—a period we believe will be very significant for conservation in New Zealand—and looking forward to 2040, when we’ll celebrate TET’s achievements over another two decades.

TET staff and contractors at the 20th anniversary celebration
TET staff and contractors at the 20th anniversary celebration

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