Matariki Planting – Wakapuaka Mouri Project


- 25/06/22

01:00 PM

- 03:30 PM

<p><!– wp:paragraph –></p> <p>The Wakapuaka Mouri project warmly invite you to our Matariki Planting.</p> <p><!– /wp:paragraph –></p> <p><!– wp:image {"id":5457,"sizeSlug":"large","linkDestination":"none"} –></p> <figure class="wp-block-image size-large"><img src="×450.png" alt="" class="wp-image-5457" /></figure> <p><!– /wp:image –></p> <p><!– wp:paragraph –></p> <p>Wakapuaka Mouri is a 5-year Ministry for the Environment funded project through the Freshwater Initiative Fund,  with co-funding from Nelson City Council and landowners.  Wakapuaka Mouri has the aspirational goal of restoring mauri to the Wakapuaka.    We have funding to plant at least 70,000 plants over 13.8 ha ,fence the area from stock, measure water quality , and undertake cultural health monitoring on the awa.   We have also built a community nursery, started to build a track to get people into the restoration,  and are undertaking extensive predator control. </p> <p><!– /wp:paragraph –></p> <p><!– wp:paragraph –></p> <p>This is an invite to a community planting day on the 25<sup>th</sup> June, where you can come to the land and see what we have been doing and the plan for the future and do some planting for this exciting project. </p> <p><!– /wp:paragraph –></p> <p><!– wp:paragraph –></p> <p><strong>Where</strong> – out at the Kidson’s .    Over Maori Pa bridge going from Nelson, first right and first right again  ( we will put up some signage ) and have a place to park sorted. </p> <p><!– /wp:paragraph –></p> <p><!– wp:paragraph –></p> <p><strong>What to bring</strong> – please bring a spade if you have one,  and warm clothes. </p> <p><!– /wp:paragraph –></p> <p><!– wp:paragraph –></p> <p><!– /wp:paragraph –></p>
Young plant with tree guard and bamboo stake