A Cycling Adventure with a Conservation Twist

Cyclists ride over the Baton Bridge

Imagine pedalling along the most remote part of Tasman’s Great Taste Cycle Trail, soaking in the rivers and mountains, when suddenly you stumble upon a hidden gem. Welcome to Lublow’s Leap, the newest addition to biking adventures up the Baton Valley. Recently opened, Lublow’s Leap is an oasis for cyclists, offering a perfect vantage point […]

Ngatimoti School Trap Builders: The Video!

Ngatimoti School Year 8 students with the trips they've built for Farmers for Whio

Last year we sent our roving reporter to Ngatimoti School to hang out with some Year 8 students as they learnt how to build predator traps for Farmers For Whio. In a year of great local conservation stories, this was one of our favourites. So we took the recorded interviews, added some awesome images from […]

Lost and Found – The Travelling Trap

Flood Residents living close to the Motueka River and its tributaries awoke on the morning of the 17th July to flooding that rivalled anything witnessed for over 30 years. The persistent rains from a moist northerly airflow combined with snowmelt on the Wharepapa Range to swell the Motueka River from it’s normal flow of around […]

Farmers for Whio: building predator traps at Ngatimoti School

Ngatimoti School Year 8 students with the trips they've built for Farmers for Whio

During Whio Awareness Month, Farmers for Whio representative Barry Burger visited Ngatimoti School in Tasman to give students hands-on experience with building predator traps. We sent our reporter along for a look. It’s 8:50am and Ngatimoti School’s Room 5 teacher, Malcolm Hepburn, is marshalling, delegating and multi-tasking like a high-level CEO. He’s clearly in his […]

Finding whio ducklings on the Graham

Whio (blue duck) ducklings standing on a rock in a fast-flowing river

In a season that didn’t bode well for whio ducklings, sighting two of them on the Graham River last month was a welcome relief. Whio/blue ducks are tough. Fast-flowing alpine rivers are their thing. Their babies are expert at navigating white water from just a day old but even these staunch little dudes have their […]