Farmers for Whio: building predator traps at Ngatimoti School

During Whio Awareness Month, Farmers for Whio representative Barry Burger visited Ngatimoti School in Tasman to give students hands-on experience with building predator traps. We sent our reporter along for a look. It’s 8:50am and Ngatimoti School’s Room 5 teacher, Malcolm Hepburn, is marshalling, delegating and multi-tasking like a high-level CEO. He’s clearly in his […]

Finding whio ducklings on the Graham

Whio (blue duck) ducklings standing on a rock in a fast-flowing river

In a season that didn’t bode well for whio ducklings, sighting two of them on the Graham River last month was a welcome relief. Whio/blue ducks are tough. Fast-flowing alpine rivers are their thing. Their babies are expert at navigating white water from just a day old but even these staunch little dudes have their […]