Roding River / Aniseed Valley Catchment Group

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Our Catchment group wishes to improve the health of the Roding River by regular monitoring of water quality and the rivers ecosystem health, increased riparian planting and pest / weed control.
We consider our catchment boundaries to extend from Roding Dam to the Lee River confluence, riverbed to ridgeline.

Currently we are working with Tasman District Council to improve the river reserves for the wider community to enjoy. There is potential to use the reserve areas to advertise our efforts and educate the wider community of what can be achieved to improve our immediate environment.
It is our hope to introduce and protect some rare fauna to our plantings – to improve biodiversity in our area.

It is our aim to coordinate with all interested parties from TDC, NCC, DOC, forestry companies and private landowners and funding groups to achieve these improvements.
So far, we have a small number of keen volunteers and large area to cover, so we anticipate that we will need to develop a strategic plan to make sure our progress is steady and steadfast, and achievable.

We are in it for the long haul and hope our children and the wider community will enjoy inheriting a healthy river and a thriving catchment environment as a result of our endeavor’s.
We hope our combined passion for healing our environment will also be inherited by our children and the wider community.

J6JV+W7 Aniseed Valley, New Zealand

Sarah Douglas – [email protected]

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