‘Our Regenerative Future’ talk by Greg Hart


- 25/05/23

06:00 PM

- 08:00 PM

Moutere Hills Community Centre

This rescheduled talk, organised through NZ Landcare Trust, should be of interest to the farming community looking at future options. 

Greg and Rachel Hart are transitioning their 600 ha Hawkes Bay traditional sheep and cattle station to a farm of the future that creates balance by developing diverse, integrated, regenerative farming systems, stacking layers of different production streams and restoring ecosystems through tree planting, sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and building healthy soil using holistic grazing techniques. He will outline how their farm is contributing to the reduction of the impact of climate change by storing more carbon in soils and also how he is achieving dual income grazing and carbon income from trees on the same areas and he has also been trialling biochar.  And Greg has also been through the recent Cyclone event in Hawkes Bay and has learnt some valuable lessons. They are developing an economically and biologically resilient farm system.

For more information, visit their site at https://www.mangarara.co.nz/the-farm

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